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  • Self-Hosted Production Meeting

    September 25th, 2019  |  10 mins 25 secs
    amd, behind the scenes, hardware proxmox, jupiter broadcasting, self-hosted, threadripper, troubleshooting

    Alex and Chris are hard at work on the next Self-Hosted episode, here's a behind the scenes real moment from their recent production meeting.

  • Texas Cyber Summit

    September 23rd, 2019  |  16 mins 36 secs
    birthday, conference, cybersecurity, free ticket, haven, infosec, lock picking, security, telegram, texas cyber summit, village

    Ell, Wes, and The Blind Hacker discuss Texas Cyber Summit, Ell's birthday dinner, and the "Bee New" conference track.

  • Brunch with Brent: Ell Marquez

    September 20th, 2019  |  51 mins 47 secs
    brunch with brent, community, conferences, diversity, dockercon, education, ell marquez, failure, impostor syndrome, inclusivity, infosec, interview podcast, jupiter broadcasting, learning, mentorship, open infrastructure summit, open source, openstack summit, scale, stickers, training

    Brent is joined by Ell Marquez, Community Architect for Jupiter Broadcasting and co-host of Choose Linux for a chat about her experiences in community, the importance of inclusivity, how to cultivate great mentorships, redefining failure and more. Join us!

  • PowerShell on Linux

    September 17th, 2019  |  23 mins 14 secs
    .net, automation, extras, freenas, jupiter broadcasting, linux, macos, microsoft, object-oriented, powershell, powershellonlinux, python, script, scripting, selenium, shell, software testing, sysadmin, website, windows

    Chris and Wes talk with DM from the PowerShell On Linux community about PowerShell's strengths and its place in the Linux ecosystem.

  • The Story Behind our Daily Linux Podcast

    September 13th, 2019  |  50 mins 30 secs
    behind the scenes, daily linux podcast, jupiter extras, linux academy, linux headlines

    Chris and Chz catch up on what's been going on and then share the story behind our new daily Linux podcast and the breakthrough it took to make it possible.

  • Brunch with Brent: Wes Payne

    September 11th, 2019  |  1 hr 7 mins
    brunch with brent, buddhism, collaboration, community, creative thinking, hammock time, hell yeah or no, interview podcast, jupiter broadcasting, learning, meditation, routines, wes payne

    Brent joins Wes Payne, well-known Jupiter Broadcasting co-host of Linux Unplugged, Coder Radio, and TechSNAP, for a deep-dive conversation that touches a wide swath of life as a Wes.

  • Librem 5 Unplugged

    September 5th, 2019  |  17 mins 24 secs
    arm, free software, jupiter broadcasting, librem 5, linux unplugged, open hardware, purism, smartphone

    We react to the "ship date" of the Librem 5, and look back at when it was first announced.

  • Brunch with Brent: Drew DeVore

    September 4th, 2019  |  56 mins 1 sec
    audio, brunch with brent, community, drew, interview podcast, jupiter broadcasting, linux audio, open source, open source contribution, pipewire, regolith linux

    Brent sits down with Drew DeVore, Jupiter Broadcasting's latest addition to the Audio Editing Engineer team and cohost of Choose Linux. We chat shoes, his love for linux, adventures in audio, and why JB feels like home.

  • User Error Outtake: Bunk Beds

    August 30th, 2019  |  5 mins 16 secs
    bunk beds, outtake, user error

    What should have been an innocent question about bunk beds turned into the longest ever User Error outtake.

  • The Story Behind Self-Hosted

    August 29th, 2019  |  18 mins 51 secs
    alex, brent, origin story, self hosted

    Brent joins Alex and Chris to discuss the origins of Jupiter Broadcasting's new Self Hosted podcast. It's a casual chat about a project in the making for two years, hit play and the drinks are on us.

  • Brunch with Brent: Alex Kretzschmar

    August 27th, 2019  |  1 hr 13 mins
    alex kretzschmar, brunch with brent, podcasting, red hat, self hosted

    Brent welcomes Alex into the podcast family and discusses his long journey from Apple to Red Hat, and London to Raleigh. Plus some tidbits about the new show he's co-hosting on Jupiter Broadcasting and spending time with the crew.

  • Brunch with Brent: Chz Bacon

    August 23rd, 2019  |  56 mins 37 secs
    brunch with brent, community, design, elementary os, graphics, interview podcast, jupiter broadcasting, open source, open source contribution, slackware, ui, ux

    A revealing conversation with Jupiter Broadcasting's designer Mr. Chz Bacon. We discuss his Linux roots, design philosophies, community involvement, and a lot more.

  • The Enthusiast Trap - Office Hours with Chris

    August 22nd, 2019  |  11 mins 43 secs
    apple, enthusiast trap, external storage, free office, linux community, manjaro, nextcloud, nextcloud tips, office hours with chris, pro user

    What is the enthusiast trap, and why does it seem to ensnare every successful open source project? Also, some excellent listener power user tips for NextCloud.

  • Dell's New Ubuntu Hardware for Late 2019

    August 21st, 2019  |  2 mins 14 secs
    7390, 9380, dell, developer edition, ubuntu 18.04 sp1 lts, xps 13

    The new XPS 13 details and Dell's Linux hardware plan for 2019.

  • Chris and Wes React to LINUX Unplugged

    August 20th, 2019  |  25 mins 13 secs
    chris, linux unplugged, react, wes

    Nothing is worse than your past self. So we play old clips of LINUX Unplugged and react.

  • Ell's Trip to Hacker Summer Camp

    August 16th, 2019  |  21 mins 55 secs
    b-sides, choose linux, def con, diana initiative, jupiter broadcasting, las vegas, queercon, security

    The whole Choose Linux crew talk about Ell's recent trip to Black Hat, B-sides, DEF CON, and more at Hacker Summer Camp.