Episode 90

Nostr Workshop


April 5th, 2024

40 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Our Nostr workshop. We’ll help you get your Nostr identity and answer any questions.

Plus, where we see this protocol going and features coming.

The protocol is very promising

We're finding new use cases for it every week. It's based on simple and flexible event objects (passed around as plain JSON).
A public key identifies every user. Every post is signed. Every client validates these signatures.

And, of course - it's open source.

How Nostr could be useful for Podcasting

One of the more compelling usecases emerging is decentralized realtime chat.

Because everything is passed around as plain JSON, the ability to build cross-app and platform apps is built in.

Create one identity and use it across all the apps and sites. Taking your identity with you is as simple as bringing your key.

Help us test, learn a little Nostr.

Fountain.fm is building a new live experience, with an embeddable webchat built around Nostr. The chat can be pulled into any app or website. And it will be easy to build tooling around.

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